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Scope 6-24X50mm Optics Scope Rangefinder Reticle Scope For Real Hunting Red/Green/Blue Illuminated Level 3

6-24x50mm Optic Center Point Rifle Scope With Scope Bubble Level Scope For Real Hunting
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Magnification: 6-24X, Objective Diameter: 50mm, Tube Diameter: 25.4mm/1 inch.
Field of view: 6.0°~ 4.0°, Click Value: 0~1/4 inch @ 100 yards. Eye Relief (mm):33~81.53, Exit Pupil (mm):8.3~2.1.
Illuminated Level: 4 Intensity (Red), 4 Intensity (Green), 4 Intensity (Blue). Red green, blue dot crosshair with front focus eyepiece adjustment helps you getting the target fast and accurately. Battery: CR2032 x 1 (Included).
Eavy duty scope ring mounts for 20mm weaver rail only. Hard anodizing multi-coated lenses ensure a good hand feeling and avoid scratching. O-ring sealed, nitrogen-purged for waterproof, fogproof performance. Lens cover included.
  • Multi-coated lens provide water-proof, fog-proof, dust-proof, scratch-resistant.The multi-coated lens is designed to provide exceptional protection against various elements, ensuring your vision stays clear and sharp in any environment. With a water-proof coating that repels moisture, a fog-proof feature that prevents condensation build-up, a dust-proof barrier that keeps particles at bay, and a scratch-resistant surface that maintains optical clarity, this lens is your ultimate companion for outdoor adventures. Imagine trekking through a misty forest, with droplets sliding off your lens effortlessly, or exploring sandy dunes without a speck of dust obstructing your view. Whether you're hiking in the rain, camping in humid conditions, or simply enjoying a breezy day at the beach, this lens guarantees durability and functionality to enhance your visual experience.
  • 4 Brightness levels for each red, green, blue performing well also in sunny and black light condition.With 4 distinct brightness levels available for each color - red, green, and blue, this innovative technology excels not only in bright sunlight but also in low-light and black light conditions. The versatility of the lighting settings ensures that the display remains clear and vivid, regardless of the surrounding lighting environment. Whether you find yourself outdoors on a sunny day or indoors in a dimly lit room, the red, green, and blue colors will maintain their brilliance and clarity, providing a consistent viewing experience. This adaptability guarantees optimal visibility and performance across various lighting conditions, making it a reliable and efficient option for all situations.
  • Green & red & blue rangefinder reticle can helps you getting the target fast and accurately.The combination of green, red, and blue rangefinder reticles not only enhances your targeting speed and accuracy, but also provides a dynamic visual experience that is both effective and engaging. The precision and clarity of the rangefinder reticle help acquire your target swiftly and with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring that you can lock onto your objective without hesitation. Whether you're aiming at moving targets or distant objects, the versatile range of colors allows for optimal visibility in various lighting conditions, giving you a competitive edge in any situation. With the green, red, and blue rangefinder reticle guiding your aim, hitting your mark has never been easier or more satisfying.
  • Excellent in durability, hold zero well after special durability test.Exceptional in terms of durability, this product not only withstands normal wear and tear, but also excels in maintaining zero deviation even after undergoing rigorous durability tests. During a series of specialized durability assessments, including extreme temperatures, intense pressure, and harsh environmental conditions, this product proved its resilience by holding zero without any compromise. Its ability to endure such challenging conditions without faltering not only demonstrates its exceptional durability but also ensures long-lasting performance that surpasses expectations.
  • 1 inch diameter scope rings fits 20mm Picatinny or weaver rail.

1.Adjustable Eyepiece / Objective Lens:You can adjust the eyepiece and objective lensto get the best shooting effect. 2.Parallax Adjustment:You can easily set the 6-24x50mm rifle scopeto hold zero by adjusting the wind windageand elevation.

With a magnification range of 6-24x and sharp imaging capabilities, our high-quality product is designed to meet the professional standards required for optical mirrors. This product ensures that every detail is clear and precise, allowing you to achieve the most accurate and reliable results in your work. Whether you are involved in astronomy, or research, having such a high-quality optical mirror at your disposal will significantly enhance your capabilities. Trust in our product to deliver exceptional performance and quality for all your optical mirror needs.By utilizing the high-precision adjusting wheel, you can enhance the accuracy of your observations. As you explore different distances, remember to fine-tune the focus by delicately rotating the objective lens. This meticulous adjustment will result in a sharper and clearer image, allowing you to capture intricate details with ease. Once the focal length is perfectly set, a stunning high-definition view will greet you, illuminating the scene before you in a vibrant and vivid manner. With this level of precision at your fingertips, every moment of exploration becomes a truly immersive and captivating experience.Multi-layer broadband green film brings a clearer and more vibrant vision to your eyes. Crafted with real optical coating, this film not only enhances color saturation at different angles but also boasts high light transmittance, allowing you to see the world with unparalleled clarity. The sharp and vivid colors produced by this film will truly immerse you in whatever you are viewing, whether it's a beautiful landscape or a captivating movie scene. Its advanced technology ensures that every detail is portrayed with precision, making for an engaging and captivating visual experience.With a generously-sized eyepiece and a wide-angle design, this optical instrument offers an expansive field of view that allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature or distant landscapes. The high optical performance ensures that every detail is crisp and clear, bringing the world around you to life with vivid clarity. Additionally, the sharp imaging capabilities capture the subtle nuances of your surroundings with precision, making every observation a captivating experience. The good brightness provided by this design enhances visibility in various lighting conditions, enabling you to enjoy incredible views even in low light situations.There are three kinds of crosshair sights: red, green and blue. The crosshair can be adjusted up, down, left and right. There are 4 brightness adjustments for each color.

The table below is the detailed parameters of this white light sight

Magnification :  6x-24x
 Objective Lens Diameter :  50mm
 Specification :  6-24x50AOL
 Reflex Lens Coating :  Multilayer Broadband Transparent Film
 Overall Light Transmission :  >85%
 Parallax :  <1MOA
 Parallax Correction :   100YDS
 FOV:  6.0°-4.0°
 Exit Pupil Diameter :  8.3-2mm 
 Distance of Exit Pupil :  33-81.53mm
 Click Value :    1/4"
 Focusing Range :  15-infinity
 Adjustment Type :  Outside Adjust
 Spiral Direction :  Clockwise
 E/W Adjustment Range :  ±30-±40
 Reticle :   Mil-Dot
 Illuminated Reticle :   Red/Green/Blue ,4 levels of brightness
 Resistance :   3KG
 Finish & Coating :   Anodic Oxidation
 Color :  Matte Black
 Texture of Material :  Aluminum Alloy
 Tube Diameter :  25.4mm
 Marking :  According to the demend of client
 Length*Height*Width :  401mm*70mm*70.5mm
 Weight :   743g
 Operation Temperature Range :  -30℃~ +50℃
 Storage Temperature Range :  -50℃~ +70℃
 Mounting Styie :  Picatinny rail
 Battery :                            CR2032
 Battery Life :                        3000/ the 2nd level
 Power Supply :                       3V

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