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Outdoor 75mm Thermal Imager Sight Camera Night Vision for Hunting Night View Monocular Telescopic Sight Monocle

Multifunction 384x288 IR High Resolution mounted/handup Monocular Thermographic Telescope for Outdoor Hunting
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Takes advanced uncooled focal plane infrared detector and high-quality optical lens. Clear imaging, simple operation and easiness to carry.
6 hours working time, 16G storage capacity, IP67 Protection level
Provide 6 palettes: rainbow, hot metal, white heat, black heat, yellow saturation and bird watching mode
Support photo taking, can browse photos taken through the USB connected computer With Hot spot tracking, 7 kinds of cross cursors to accurately locate the target; Used for wild animal observation, search and rescue, police enforcement investigation, night patrol, outdoor sports

The outdoor thermal image telescope takes advanced uncooled focal plane infrared detector and high-quality optical lens as the core in combination with a convenient and fast operating system.compact shape design, fully functional expansion spare parts, long service life, ruggedness and durability, suitable for various environments. It has built an infrared thermal imaging tool with“clear imaging, simple operation and easiness to carry".

This product is used for field animal observation, search and rescue, police law enforcement and investigation, night patrol, outdoor sports, personal security, etc. This product functions as photo taking.and can browse photos taken through the USB connected computer.which is convenient for multiple people to observe at the same time and create possibilities for more applications.

Cautions and Safety Maintenance . To ensure the proper use of this product, please read the instructions carefully:

  •  Do not use this product in a flammable, explosive, humid or corrosive environment.
  •  This product contains precision electronics and sensitive optical devices. Please do not make it collide or fall to avoid damage.
  •  Do not disassemble and refit this product without permission.
  •  Use wet cloth or weak soap to clean the casing of this product. Do not use abrasive, isopropanol or solvent, Use professional optical lens cleaning agent for the lens and screen.
  •  When the product works, there will be a slight click every few seconds. This is the sound of lens shutter, which is a normal case.
  •  Warning: Do not use the lens to look directly at the sun, which may damage the optical lens.

This series thermal scope adopt advanced highresolution 384x288px uncooled thermal sensor. Thisseries are a solid state, uncooled, long-wave infraredmagnified dedicated weapon scope intended for dayand night engagements without the need to remove thesight from the rifle. And they are great helpfulequipment for hunting lovers. Thermal image can cutthrough total darkness, haze, dust,fog and smoke todetect target, and help to see through various animalcamoufage.With proper mount with hunting gun like1913 picatinny rail, the thermal image also helps toshoot the animals

This outdoor thermal imaging camera has a resolution of 384*288, which can capture clearer and more detailed thermal imaging images. It is equipped with a zoom function from 1X to 16X, which can easily capture the details of the target, allowing you to obtain ideal observation effects at different distances. Equipped with a 75mm focal length lens to ensure clear and sharp shooting images. At the same time, its 60HZ frame rate allows you to capture clear and smooth images when tracking fast-moving targets, providing more possibilities for your outdoor activities. Whether in night exploration, fishing and hunting, field observation or security monitoring, this thermal imaging camera can become your trustworthy tool, helping you achieve a wider field of view and more accurate control.

The resolution ratio of 1024*768 ensures that every detail in the picture is rendered with crystal clarity, making the viewing experience truly immersive. With a display screen size of 0.39 inches, this device offers a wider vision that allows you to see more content at a glance. The vibrant colors and sharp images displayed on the screen bring your favorite movies, games, and photos to life, creating a visual feast that captivates your senses. Embrace a world of vivid imagery and boundless possibilities with this exceptional display technology.

It can be installed on 25-30 mm wide guide rails, ensuring its stability and reliability, allowing it to easily cope with various harsh environmental conditions. Whether in the heat of battle or in extreme weather, this device remains stable. For example, when you need to use this device while marching, simply attach it to the 25-30mm rail to ensure that it stays firmly in place without being disturbed by vibrations or bumps, ensuring that you can Complete the task successfully. Thanks to its reliable design and high-strength materials, this device can handle a variety of challenges with ease, ensuring you accurate and stable use in any situation.

There are 7 different types of reticles that can be used to measure divergence in a sighting device. These reticle types include crosshair reticle, dot reticle, mil-dot reticle, duplex reticle, illuminated reticle, German reticle, and BDC reticle. Each of these reticle types has its own unique characteristics and applications in different shooting scenarios. The crosshair reticle, for example, is one of the most common types of reticles and consists of two perpendicular lines intersecting at the center of the scope. It provides a simple and clear reference point for aiming at the target. On the other hand, the dot reticle features a single, small dot at the center of the scope, which can be easily aligned with the target for precise shooting. The mil-dot reticle is designed with mil-dots evenly spaced along the crosshairs, allowing shooters to estimate distances and adjust for bullet drop and wind drift. This reticle type is popular among long-range shooters for its versatility and accuracy. In contrast, the duplex reticle has thick outer lines that taper to thin inner lines, providing quick target acquisition and aiming in low-light conditions. The illuminated reticle is equipped with a built-in light source that illuminates the reticle for better visibility in low-light environments. This feature is particularly useful for hunting or tactical situations where visibility is crucial. The German reticle, characterized by thick posts and a thin crosshair, offers quick target acquisition and precise aiming for fast-moving targets. Lastly, the BDC (Bullet Drop Compensating) reticle is specifically designed to compensate for bullet drop at different distances. It features additional aiming points below the center crosshair to account for the trajectory of the bullet over long distances. This reticle type is popular among hunters and competitive shooters for its ability to accurately adjust for bullet drop and hit targets at varying ranges. Overall, the wide variety of reticle types available allows shooters to choose the best option for their specific shooting style, preferences, and shooting conditions. Each reticle type offers unique advantages and can enhance shooting accuracy and performance in different scenarios. 

Performance Indicators



Type of detector

Amorphous silicon uncooled infrared focal plane

Resolution ratio


Pixel size


Working band



<40mk(50Hz,F/1,300K)TFPA 25°C(+5°C)

Scene dynamic

>50°C(50HZ, F/1,300K)TFPA 25°C (±5°C)

Frame rate




Focusing way

Manual focusing

F factor


Effective image surface





Focal length





Field angle





Focusing range






Focal length


Distance of exit pupil


Exit pupil diameter


Diopter regulation


Visual magnification



Display screen type


Resolution ratio


Display screen size

0.39 inch

System function

Electron doubling


Color palette

White Hot, Black hot, Rainbow,Hot metal, Yellow saturated, Birdwatching mode

Intensity control

10 file

Contrast control

10 file

Image detail mode

Two types of fifth gear



Hotspot tracking





Type of divergence line

7 kinds

Calibration of drop distance

10m、30m、60m、100m、300m、600m、customized distance

Detection range

Infrared objective










Wild boar










Recognition distance






Wild boar











Built in storage


image format



USB interface

Type-c Export picture and battery charging function

Power supply

Removable rechargeable lithium battery


Overall power consumption


Battery life

≤6 hours

Work/storage environment

Working temperature


Storage temperature


Resistance to impact


Protection grade


Overall dimensions / weight

Overall dimensions / weight (without bracket)













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