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4x32 ACOG Style Fiber Rifle Scopes with Red Dot Sight Best Rfle Scopes Brands for Deer Hunting

4x32 ACOG Style Fiber Scope With RMR
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Magnification 4X Fixed, Objective Diameter - 32mm, this scope has a good light transmission and optimal clarity.
High-strength Aluminum Alloy, Real Fiber Optic, Don't need the battery.
High Quality - This optic scope reticle is made of high-quality material, waterproof and is shock resistant, unaffected by bad weather conditions such as rain and snow, and has a long service life.
Feature bright daytime reticles using fiber optics, which collect ambient light.

A powerful yet sophisticated 4x32 ACOG Style Fiber Scope combined with the Mini Red Dot Sight gives you an unparalleled shooting experience. This scope not only has features that enhance shooting accuracy, but also uses fiber optic technology to ensure clear and bright vision in any light condition. The addition of Mini Red Dot Sight provides you with additional aiming accuracy, giving you confidence whether you are shooting at medium or long distances or at close range. Whether you're in a shooting competition or hunting in the wild, this gear can be your right-hand man, keeping you calm, precise, and on target. Choose this 4x32 ACOG Style Fiber Scope with Mini Red Dot Sight to upgrade your shooting experience!1. Carrying the ACOG 4X32 red fiber optic rifle scopes and RMR red dot sight scope, you will have a pair of accurate and reliable sniper weapons, whether you are fighting on the battlefield or exploring in the wild. This ACOG 4X32 red fiber optic rifle scopes sight paired with an RMR red dot sight provides you with excellent optical performance and powerful shooting accuracy. Red fiber optic rifle scopes sights not only provide clear vision in low light conditions, but also have fast and accurate target acquisition capabilities. The emergence of the RMR scope makes you more comfortable during the aiming process, easily locking the target and achieving precise shooting.
The design of the ACOG 4X32 red fiber optic rifle scopes sight paired with the RMR red dot sight is not only stylish, but also extremely powerful. Whether you're shooting quickly under high pressure or accurately killing targets at long range, this pair of scopes will do the job perfectly. A variety of shooting modes are available, allowing you to freely adjust according to different scenarios and easily face various challenges. With ACOG 4X32 red fiber optic rifle scopes sight and RMR red dot sight, your shooting experience will be even more outstanding.

2. ACOG 4X32 green Fiber the rifle scopes with RMR red dot sight is a powerful optical tool that combines the precision of a 4X32 scope with the versatility of an RMR sight. The ACOG scope provides crystal-clear magnification, allowing shooters to accurately target objects at a distance of up to 1,000 meters. The green fiber optic technology enhances visibility in various lighting conditions, ensuring a bright and sharp image of the target. In addition, the RMR sight offers quick target acquisition and allows for rapid transitions between targets. Whether you are hunting, competing in shooting sports, or in a tactical situation, the ACOG 4X32 green Fiber with RMR rifle scopes red dot sight is a reliable and indispensable companion that will enhance your accuracy and performance.

3. Paired with the powerful ACOG 4X32 rifle scope, you feel like you are in a realistic military scene. This lens is infused with red light, making the entire optical lens glow with fascinating colors. Through it, the target is clearly visible, as if it is in front of you. Whether on the battlefield at dawn or on the hunting grounds at dusk, ACOG 4X32 red Fiber rifle scopes demonstrates unrivaled accuracy and reliability. Every detail of it is carefully designed so that you can still hit the target accurately in the hail of bullets. This rifle scopes is not only a weapon accessory, but also an enemy-killing weapon at your fingertips. Let ACOG 4X32 red Fiber rifle scopes become your fatal blade, helping you gallop on the battlefield and triumph in the hunting forest.

4. ACOG 4X32 green Fiber rifle scopes is a 4x magnification scope equipped with a green fiber rear sight. This scope uses advanced optical technology to ensure you can see the target clearly and have an excellent field of view when shooting. The green fiber provides a bright and clear sighting point in different light conditions, allowing you to lock on to your target accurately, day or night. In addition, the design of ACOG 4X32 green Fiber rifle scopes has been carefully optimized for excellent durability and stability, allowing for reliable performance whether in combat situations or in the field. Whether you are fighting on the battlefield or competing in a shooting competition, this rifle scopes will be your right-hand assistant, helping you achieve more accurate and excellent shooting performance.Among our gun accessories, the ACOG 4X32 Green Light Fiber Optic rifle scopes Scope is not only waterproof, fogproof and shockproof, it is also an unparalleled precision equipment. This rifle scopes uses advanced fiber optic technology to provide clear and stable aiming in any harsh environment, allowing you to always be in a favorable position on the battlefield. Whether in hot deserts, humid rainforests or cold snow, the ACOG 4X32 rifle scopes red dot scope can handle it with ease, ensuring you get the best shooting experience. Its sturdy and durable shell design not only effectively protects the scope from external impacts, but also ensures its stable operation for a long time, allowing you to always stand at the commanding heights and fully control the situation. Whether you are fighting in the field, conducting shooting training or enjoying hunting, the ACOG 4X32 green light fiber optic rifle scopes sight is a top choice that you cannot miss.The display of this product focused on the features of multiple coatings, making the ACOG 4X32 rifle scopes + red dot sight scope sighting clearer and more accurate. The unique luminous fiber design adds a lot of color to it. It not only performs well in dim environments, but also can easily identify targets during the day. In addition, the surface of the product has been specially treated to make it more refined and elegant, making it hard to put it down. Generally speaking, the product details are displayed just right, highlighting the features without losing delicacy, this rifle scopes red dot giving people a high-end and professional feeling.The elevation adjustment and windage adjustment of the rifle scopes red dot are crucial steps for the shooter in the shooting process. The elevation adjustment of the rifle scopes red dot sight can help the shooter accurately lock the target and ensure that the bullet flies in the correct direction of the target. The windage adjustment tests the shooter's sensitivity and judgment ability to environmental factors. Only by accurately adjusting the windage can we ensure that the bullet will not be disturbed by the wind and drift away from the target.

During competitions or training, shooters often need to adjust the elevation and windage of the rifle scopes according to different distances, wind forces and angles, which requires them to have a high degree of concentration and technical level. Sometimes, shooters need to rely on their own experience and intuition to adjust the rifle scope and hit the target accurately. During this process, shooters need to remain calm and focused at all times in order to make correct judgments and adjustments at the most critical moments.
The elevation adjustment and windage adjustment of the rifle scope are not just simple mechanical operations, but also a combination of art and skill. Only through continuous practice and training can shooters master these adjustment skills and achieve better results in shooting competitions. Therefore, for every shooter, the elevation adjustment and windage adjustment of the rifle scopes red dot sight scope are indispensable skills and an important means to show one's strength and level.This rifle scope is not only suitable for outdoor real-life games and hunting, but is also tailor-made for explorers and warriors. Whether you are facing prey deep in the jungle or challenging cliffs to explore, this rifle scopes can help you accurately lock on to the target and be invincible. Its sophisticated lens design allows you to capture the faintest prey in the wilderness; the waterproof and shockproof housing allows you to face sudden bad weather without fear. Whether it's nightfall or daylight, this rifle scopes red dot sight scope is your right-hand man when moving forward. Let's put it on and embark on an adventurous journey to explore the unknown world!This rifle scopes can be used on rifles. Its precision lenses and highly sensitive front sight can help shooters accurately aim at the target, which plays a vital role whether in outdoor shooting competitions or when hunting in the wild. The lenses are specially treated to not only be anti-reflective and waterproof, but also provide clear vision in various light environments. The adjustment function of the front sight is very flexible and can be fine-tuned according to the shooter's personal habits and shooting environment to ensure accurate and stable shooting. The shell of this rifle scope is made of high-strength alloy material, which is lightweight and strong. It can not only withstand the recoil of the gun, but also maintain stability in harsh environments. Whether you are a professional shooter or an amateur, this rifle scopes can improve the accuracy and efficiency of shooting and become an indispensable shooting weapon accessories.

Magnification: 4X
Objective Lens : 32mm
Eye Relief: 1.5 in
Exit Pupil: 8 mm
Field of View: 7.0 degrees
Focus Type:  Fixed
Scope Length: 150mm
Weight: 432g
Field of View : 36.8 ft at 100 yds
Adjustment : 3 clicks per inch at 100 yds
Suitable: for Standard 20mm Picatinny/Weaver rail
Illumination Color: Green(Green fiber), Red(Red fiber)
Red Dot Sight
Magnification:  1x
Length (In):  45mm
Reticle Pattern:  3.25 MOA Dot
Day Reticle Color:  Red
Night Reticle Color:  Red
Adjustment  100 yards (clicks/in): 1.0
Housing Material: Forged Aluminum
Battery:  1* CR2032 Battery(Not Included)

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