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Reflex Sights 3 MOA Red Dot for ar with Big View 24X17mm Tactical Micro sight for Rifles Shotguns and Pistols 15

1x Open type hand control aimpoint reflex red dot sight With dovetail slot design, for hand and step robbery
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Large viewing window makes it easy to aim at the target: Objective Lens Diameter 24X17mm, the red dot sight can be used with both eyes open. There is no need to center, the red dot will follow the movement of the user's eyes while remaining fixed on the target. The unique design allows it to be zeroed quickly and easily while remaining stable against powerful recoil.
Precise aiming: 3 MOA DOT, which can quickly capture the target while providing precise aiming and hitting the target quickly and accurately.
Excellent performance: Multi-coated lenses provide good optical performance, the red dot is clear, and the lenses are wear-resistant. Button operation, easier to use, 10 levels of brightness adjustment. Elevation Adjustment , Windage Adjustment.
Sturdy and lightweight: Made of aluminum alloy and weighs only 60 grams. Sealed O-ring design, 5m waterproof and fogproof, 1000G shockproof.
  • The large viewing window of the red dot sight, with an objective lens diameter of 24X17mm, not only allows for easy aiming at the target but also enables users to keep both eyes open while shooting. This design eliminates the need to center the red dot, as it seamlessly follows the movement of the user's eyes, remaining fixed on the target at all times. Additionally, the unique design of the red dot sight allows for quick and easy zeroing, ensuring stability even against powerful recoil forces. 
  •  When it comes to precise aiming, the aimpoint reflex 3 MOA DOT of this red dot sight is unparalleled. With its ability to quickly capture targets and provide precise aiming, users can hit their targets quickly and accurately every time. Whether for hunting or sports shooting, this red dot sight guarantees optimal performance in all situations. 
  • The red dot sight's excellent performance is further enhanced by its multi-coated lenses, which not only provide superior optical clarity but also ensure that the red dot remains clear and sharp. These lenses are highly wear-resistant, making them durable and long-lasting. The button operation of the sight makes it easy to use, with 10 levels of brightness adjustment for perfect visibility in any lighting conditions. Additionally, the sight offers elevation and windage adjustment for precise targeting.
  • Despite its sturdy construction, the red dot sight remains lightweight, weighing only 60 grams. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, it is both durable and reliable. The sealed O-ring design makes it waterproof and fogproof up to 5m, ensuring clear visibility even in harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, the sight is shockproof up to 1000G, making it a reliable choice for any shooting scenario.

The triangle button on the left increases screen brightness when in use, with a 0 to 10 level selection. When you want to make your screen brighter, just click this button and the brightness will gradually increase, making your view clearer and brighter.

On the contrary, the inverted triangle button can reduce the brightness, and also has the option of 0 to 10 levels. This button comes in handy when you want to lower the brightness of the screen when needed. Gradually reducing the brightness can make your eyes feel more comfortable and adapt to different light environments.

The clever design of these two buttons allows you to adjust the brightness according to your needs and environment for the best viewing experience. Whether you are outdoors in bright light or in a dim night, you can find the brightness level that suits you, so that your eyes and visual experience are comfortable and taken care of. Now, controlling brightness has become so easy and convenient!When adjusting the elevation, you can fine-tune the angle at which your rifle is pointing. This is crucial for hitting your target accurately over different distances. By making small adjustments to the elevation, you can ensure that your bullet lands exactly where you want it to. On the other hand, windage adjustment allows you to account for the wind's influence on your shot. By adjusting the windage, you can compensate for any wind drift and ensure that your bullet stays on target. These adjustments are essential for any shooter looking to improve their accuracy and ensure success in their shooting endeavors. Remember, precision is key when it comes to hitting your mark consistently.This reflex sight is designed for a 21.2mm width herringbone rail, ensuring a perfect fit for your firearm.  Once installed, the center height of this sight is precisely set to 20 mm, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy during shooting.  Not only does this scope attach seamlessly to a Picatinny rail, it also easily attaches to the same standard braided rail, providing versatility and compatibility with a variety of firearms.  Experience unparalleled accuracy and reliability with this superior reflex sight designed to enhance your shooting experience like never before.

Performance Parameter



 Reflex Lens Coating


 Overall Light Transmission


 Objective Lens Diameter


 Reticle Style

Single dot

 Dot Size



±1.0MOA   100 yds

 Parallax Correction


 Adjustment Turrets


 Adjustment Range


 Pressure of adjustment screw



10 Level

 Whock resistance




Apperance  Parameter

 Centerline Height


 Finish & Coating





Can be customized








108g,with batteries

 The use of parameters



 Mounting Requirement


 Mounting Styie

ScrewBriquetting way

 Ooperation temperature range

1-20~+60(there will be a change of the battery)

 Storage temperature range

1-20~+60(there will be a change of the battery)
2-20~+75 (without battery )

 Mounting Styie

Screw,Briquetting way



 Battery Life

High-light:50 hours,Low-light:500 hours

 Power supply


 Operating current(low-light)


 Operating current(high-light)


 Quiescent Current


 Rated Input Power


 Rated input voltage


 Rated Input Current


 Rated Output Voltage


 Rated output current




Red dot sights place the target and the reticle on nearly the same optical plane, allowing a single point of focus. This makes them fast acquisition and easy to use sights, ar red dot, allowing the user to keep their attention on the field of view in front of them. They are common in speed shooting sports such as IPSC. Military units and police forces have also adopted them. Red dot sights are also popular among paintball and airsoft players for similar reasons.

Because there is no magnification, the shooter need not worry about parallax or eye relief. red dot sight for ar The long eye relief makes red dot sights appropriate for firearms with heavy recoil that might drive a conventional short eye relief telescopic sight into the shooter's eye 15. micro red dot , Since dot sights can be mounted at any distance from the shooter's eye with no issues of focus, military rifle mounts usually place the sight in any mechanically-convenient mounting position, such as the carrying handle of the M16 rifle, or on a rail system (typically a Picatinny rail) on top of the rifle. This leaves plenty of room for night vision equipment to be used with the red dot sight.

Miniature red dot sights are becoming increasingly popular for use on pistols, both for competition and military applications.

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