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Red dot sight

What is a red dot sight?

  A red dot sight is an optical sighting device that has a small LED red dot as the aiming target. Red dot sights are useful for close range shooting and target tracking in fast-paced environments, such as shooting sports, tactical training, or hunting. It is a non-magnification, fixed-point aiming and very fast aiming method. It does not need to align the large eye hole or contact point of the eyepiece, which simplifies the aiming process and improves the shooter's shooting accuracy and reaction speed. Red dot sights are usually supported by a small, light, strong and waterproof frame that can be controlled for brightness and on and off by a red dot illuminated switch.

According to common market classification, red dot sights can be divided into the following series:

1. Standard series: This is the most common red dot sight, suitable for most shooting situations. They generally offer better adjustability and durability for extended use.

2. Professional Series: These scopes are designed for professional shooters with higher accuracy and reliability. They typically feature higher magnifications, more precise adjustment systems, and more sophisticated optical designs to suit specific occasions and tasks.

3. Portable series: These scopes are usually made of lightweight materials and construction for easy portability and quick use. They are usually small and easy to operate, making them suitable for quick reaction shooting situations.

4. Night Vision Series: These scopes are specially designed for night shooting with high sensitivity and precision. They usually use an infrared auxiliary light source and can work in extremely dark environments.

5. Multifunctional series: These sights have multiple functions, such as UV, ranging, angle, etc. They are usually suitable for complex shooting tasks or shooting in specific environments.