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THFM-25 1-6X NVG Night Vision

Night vision mode, thermal imaging mode and scope mode are selectable. Three modes are available, and the magnification can reach 1-6 times. It can be used day and night, low-light or even dark environments. It can also be used for outdoor hunting, forensic evidence collection, body temperature detection, etc. There are five picture modes, namely white hot, black hot, iridescent, green and iron red mode.

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M250:High quality night vision

M250HD Wide viewing angle. Field of view is 21.5°X 12°. Light weight, light material conducts electricity, and the anti-shake effect is better when using it. High magnification, 8 times magnification, strong adaptability to low illumination, high image quality. High Resolution: With a resolution of 1280×960, you can get clearer and more detailed images.


More night visions

In addition to the main night vision goggles, there are a few other night vision devices that are worth buying. Compact night vision monoculars such as the PVS14 and PVS18 can be used for a variety of tasks and can be helmet or weapon mounted, making them ideal for military or law enforcement applications. Plus, they can be used for outdoor activities like hunting or camping, allowing you to see your surroundings clearly in low-light conditions. Overall, other night vision devices can improve your overall night vision and allow for greater flexibility in different scenarios.
  • PVS14 Digital Night Vision

    FOV 6.4°, suitable for night hunting. Handheld, headband and gun, easy to carry. It is suitable for various scenarios such as outdoor hunting and real-life confrontation games.

  • PVS18 Digital Night Vision

    High performance professional infrared PVS-18 digital night vision device. Four-position switch, supports infrared, color, green and red modes, FOV of 7.95°X 6°, and magnification of 3x.

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Night vision partner

With a beautiful night vision, of course, it also needs a helmet adapter to be installed on the helmet. Different night vision devices need different helmet adapter to connect.

Helmet adapters
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NVG Rhino arm---for pvs14

Adopt durable all-metal NVG Rhino arm, compatible with PVS14. Used to fix night vision goggles when hunting in the wild. Better fit helmet. The refined shape is designed to fit snugly with the helmet, flip up and down design and adjustable bar. Equipped with adjustable pole.


More helmet mounts

In addition to the usual helmet couplers, there are a few other types of equipment worth considering. For example, the J-Arm is a classic helmet coupler that is compatible with pvs14 night vision devices and is lightweight and strong. In addition, L4 G24 Mount and Tactical FLIR M24 are high-end helmet couplers, which adopt advanced design and manufacturing technology to provide users with a stable and reliable night vision experience.
  • J-Arm

    Fit for PVS-14

    Ultra-light, compatible with PVS-14, allows NVD rotation, optical night vision can be viewed with left or right eye, digital night vision only supports right eye viewing. Easy to operate, the helmet mount adapter has contacts that interface directly with contacts on the PVS-14.

  • L4 G24 Mount

    Fit for PVS-18

    Made of durable all-metal Ar 15 scope mount and L4 G24 mount helmet support helmet adapter, built to last. Compatible with PVs18, used for fixed night vision goggles when hunting in the wild, flip up and down design and adjustable pole.

  • Tactical FLIR M24

    Connect 2 night visions

    The unique design of two dovetail grooves can install two night vision devices on the helmet at the same time. It can be worn on the helmet or held in the hand, and the design is flipped up and down. Press-type fixed disassembly, easy assembly and disassembly, switch between left and right eyes at any time, light weight, strong load-bearing capacity.


Assembled effect

Different night vision are suitable for different helmet adapter.
  • J-arm connect with PVS14

    J-arm fit for PVS14, the connection between the two is very strong, easy to adjust, and easy to disassemble and install.

    PVS14 with J-arm
  • J-arm and NVG Rhino Arm connect with PVS14

    PVS14 is finally connected to the helmet, using J-arm and NVG Rhino Arm.The 3 parts can be connected to the helmet when combined together.

    PVS14 combination