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New generation of PVS18 night vision goggles-----PVS18 PRO

  Night vision device PVS series is a high-performance military night vision device that can provide high-definition images in extremely low light conditions. The series of products produced by our company mainly include PVS-14, PVS-18, and the upgraded version of PVS-18.

  The PVS-14 night vision device is the first product of the PVS series, launched in the early 1990s. It's designed as a monocular device that can be worn via a helmet or headband. The PVS-14 night vision device is equipped with a third-generation photoelectric enhancement device, which can provide high-quality images and has convenient and easy-to-use functions.



  The PVS-18 night vision device is also a PVS series product, launched in the early 2000s. It's a monocular device that can be worn via a helmet or headband. The PVS-18 night vision device can be used for search and surveillance missions and has advanced electro-optical enhancements to provide clearer images.



  The upgraded version of the PVS-18 is the latest version of the night vision goggle, which has been improved in terms of performance and functionality. The device has a higher resolution, a stronger field of view, and a more sensitive sensor. It also features digital image enhancement and an optional color display.

  In short, the PVS series of night vision devices are constantly being upgraded and improved, and each generation of products has been improved and enhanced in terms of performance and functions. These devices find widespread use in security, military, and other fields.


 PVS18和PVS18 PRO对比图

We have launched the latest PVS18PRO, the latest generation of PVS18 has been developed, with a larger screen and a more comfortable visual experience. Some persistent problems have also been improved, aiming to improve the overall performance of PVS18.


Parameters PVS-18 PVS-18 PRO
Optical Magnification 1x 1x
Digital Magnification - -
Objective aperture (mm) 32MM 32MM
Eyepiece diameter (mm) 8MM 8MM
Eyepiece lens 27mm 27mm
Objective lens 20mm 20mm
Field Of View(FOV) 7.95°X6° 15°X14.5°
Display components LCOS Displays LCOS Displays
Display Color Mode Colour, Black and White, Red, Green Colour, Black and White, Red, Green
Photo resolution 320(H)*240(V) 320(H)*240(V)
Video resolution 320(H)*240(V): 60fps 320(H)*240(V): 60fps
Lcos Screen Size 0.28" 0.28"
Darkness Observation Distance 1M~∞ 1M~∞
Illumination IR LED IR LED
Central wavelength 940nm 940nm
Working temperature -10°C to +70°C -10°C to +70°C
Waterproof IP65 IP65
WIFI function - -
Battery type 16340 Lithium batteries 16340 Lithium batteries 
Working Voltage 3.7V 3.7V
Working Hours 1.5/2.5 H(IR ON/IR OFF) 1.5/2.5 H(IR ON/IR OFF)
Weight 286g 286g
Price US $260.00 US $260.00


1. Higher resolution: The upgraded version of PVS-18 uses more advanced optical materials and design technology, which can provide higher resolution and clearer images.

2. Wider field of view: The upgraded version of PVS-18 has a wider field of view, which can better adapt to actual combat needs and provide more comprehensive information support.

3. More advanced functions: The upgraded version of PVS-18 has more advanced functions and performance, which can better meet the needs of modern combat.

Compared with the original version, the upgraded version of PVS-18 has been greatly improved in terms of resolution, field of view, and functions, which can better meet the needs of modern combat. At the same time, it is more convenient and stable in use, improving combat efficiency and accuracy.