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King of cost-effective night vision devices

Parameters PVS-18 Parameters PVS-14
Brand Eagleeye Brand Eagleeye
Electronic Magnification - Optical Magnification 2X
Optical Magnification 1x Objective 28mm
Objective aperture (mm) 32MM Field of View 6.4°
Eyepiece diameter (mm) 8MM Exit Pupil Diameter 14mm
Eyepiece lens 27mm Eyes Pot Distance 15mm
Objective lens 20mm Vseibility Regulating Range ±5°C
Range of field of view 7.95°*6° Minimum Observation Distance 0.8mm
Eye point distance 25MM As far as the Night Viewing Distance >200m
Visible range ≧200m Sensor 1/4”CMOS
Detection range 80~150 Horizontal Resolution 420lines
Identification range 80~150 Display Device LED
Diopter adjustment 土5 SD Resolution 330x224 pixel
Water resistance Domestic water Lighting Device 1R LED
Display components LCOS Displays Center Wavelength 850mm
Photo resolution 320(H)*240(V) Working Voltage DV 3V
Illumination IR LED Built in Power AA battery
Central wavelength 940nm Battery Endurance 1.5/2.5h (1R ON/1R OFF)
Batteries used 16340 Lithium batteries Switch 1. The power switch
Operating voltage 3.7V - -
Standby time 1.5/2.5 H(IR ON/IR OFF) - -
Built-in screen size 0.28 inches - -
Memory $339.00 Memory $145.52
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PV 3X32 night vision 3x Digital Night Vision
magnification 3x Magnification
Diameter of the objective Φ32mm Objective diameter Φ32mm
Field of view 6.68°x5.0°    Field of View 8.35°×7.93°   
Exit pupil distance 14mm Exit pupil 14mm
Exit pupil diameter 6mm Exit pupil diameter 6mm
Range of visibility adjustment ±5 SD Parallax ±5 SD
Points braid rate 5.6″ Identification ratio ≦5.6″
Minimum observation distance 0.8m Min observation distance 0.8m
Observe the distance at night more that 200m Max observation distance at night ≧200m
The sensor 1/3″CMOS Sensor 1/3″CMOS
Horizontal definition 420 lines Horizontal Clarity 600 iines
Display unit
Display device 0.24inch LCOS Displayer 0.26"ICOS
resolution 300(H)*224(V) resolution 640(H)×480(V)
Lighting devices IR LED Lighting Devices IR IED
Center wavelength 940nm Central wavelength 940nm
Power supply
Working voltage DC 3V Operating voltage DC 3.7V
Built-in power supply 2 section 5 battery Built-in power supply One 16650 lithium battery
The battery works continuously 1.5/2.5 h(IR ON/IR OFF) Battery Continu working time 2.0/3.0 h(IR ON/IR OFF)
Product size
Length * width * height 13.5X6.3X6.4CM Length * width * height 13.5×6.3×6.4CM
Packing size
Length * width * height 20.6X17.5x8.2CM Length * width * height 20.6×17.5×8.2CM
- - photography, videos, video outputs, memory Yes, support Max 32G TF card
switch 1. Power switch; switch 1.Power switch ;
2. Infrared illumination brightness adjustment; 2.Infrared illumination brightness adjustment;
3. Forced switch infrared illumination 3.Forced Switch Infrared illumination
weight 214g (without battery) 261g (with battery) weight 270g(without battery)310g(with battery)
Memory $161.05 Memory $268.67
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