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Haikewargame Holiday Notice

Dear friends, we appreciate your support and encouragement to serve you better.
We are preparing for one of the most important Chinese holidays "Chinese New Year", our holiday period is from 2024-2-3 to 2024-2-18[HongKong time], but due to logistics or customs reasons, we may not be able to ship normally, so please forgive us for the possible delay in delivery. In order to increase our apologies, we are ready to arrange the following activities.
1, we have arranged for several products to be discounted up to 30% during the holiday period. A limited number of sold out to restore the original price.
2, there are several products with good reviews we have arranged a group purchase, the price of the lowest price on the network. We will stop the group buy activity on 2023-2-6. All orders will be shipped by order time when we are at work.

We also have a store on AMAZON, US store: https://www.amazon.com/stores/ETDragon/page/92D237FD-88A6-4B1B-83EC-CC7692ABFF35?ref_=ast_bln. UK store: https://www. amazon.co.uk/stores/page/AB69155C-A7CD-4AB2-A913-5251147BEE4F. Friends can also buy on our AMAZON if they need. During the holiday break will be shipped normally through AMAZON's FBA warehouse.
Finally, we wish everyone a happy new year!