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Scope Mounts & Bases Buying Guide
Welcome to buy Scope Mounts & Bases on the HaikeWargame platform, buy correct and reliable Scope Mounts & Bases, which can make your shooting play to a normal level. We sell sturdy and reliable Mounts & Bases that can be easily installed to secure your rifle scope to your firearm. If you purchase a scope mount that is paired with a scope ring, it will hold your optics completely in place on almost any airsoft.

What is a scope basis?
Not every rifle needs a scope mount. Some people are very hands-on and like to assemble. For those who do, the scope base is one of the components of building a airsofts. The base screws into pre-drilled grooves on the receiver to support a set of rings and the range itself.

Is the scope basis generic?
Most of the range bases we sell are suitable for airsofts, but they also need to be paired with the model and basic parameters. If the basic parameters can be successfully matched, they can basically be installed.

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