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YSS PVS-14 night vision device, an Entry Level Night Vision device from China.

YSS PVS-14 night vision device, an Entry Level Night Vision device from China.

Originally designed by the US military as a rugged, lightweight and convenient multi-purpose monocular night vision device, the PVS-14 is the world's most advanced deployed monocular night vision device that can be fitted with a variety of image intensifier tubes to meet a wide range of specifications, making it the best choice for professional night vision applications.

With a FOV of 40°, the professional PVS14 has a powerful night vision role and is professional military equipment and expensive to purchase equipment for. Our company has launched an entry product for the non-professional market such as hunting/ranger, with a field of view of 6.4°, offering 3x magnification, with an LED display screen with a resolution of 330x224 pixels, equipped with an infra-red auxiliary light source, displaying colour images in bright and dim light and black and white images in darkness, with a maximum night vision range of over 200m, using two AA batteries and a range of up to It can be used either as a handheld device or mounted on a helmet, making it suitable for first time buyers or users looking for a cost effective product for basic outdoor hunting and live CS gaming.


Compared to the thousands of dollars of night vision devices on the market, the YSS PVS-14 entry level night vision device is priced at only $207.52, so users with a small budget can get a cost-effective night vision device, which is a good choice for entry night vision devices. This site has a special offer for the PVS14, if you buy from this site just use the coupon:  HKPVS14  and you will get up to $50 off.



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