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What is the difference between G43 and G33 magnifier? Comparison of G43 and G33 Magnifiers

EOTech is a globally renowned manufacturer of military optical equipment, and they have introduced two magnifier products for holographic sights, namely the G43 and G33. This article will compare the two to help readers understand the differences between them and choose the magnifier that best suits their needs.

  1. Weight and Size:
    The G43 weighs 11.9 ounces, making it heavier compared to the G33's 11.2 ounces. Additionally, the G33 is more compact and portable for ease of use.

  2. Magnification:
    The G43 provides a fixed 3x magnification, while the G33 offers the option to switch between 3x and 1x magnification. This flexibility of the G33 allows for adjustments based on different shooting scenarios.

  3. Eye Relief:
    The G43 has an eye relief of 2.6 inches, slightly longer than the G33's 2.2 inches. The difference in eye relief will affect the comfort and experience of the users.

Choosing between the G43 and G33 magnifiers depends on personal preferences and usage requirements. By considering factors such as weight, size, magnification options, and eye relief, readers can select the magnifier that best suits their needs. This article aims to provide readers with useful information to help them make informed decisions.

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