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Title: Upgraded version of night vision device PVS18: a new experience with 3x magnification and lar

3x magnification:

The upgraded version of the night vision device PVS18 adopts an advanced optical system, which increases the magnification to 3x. This means users can observe distant objects and details more clearly in dark environments. Whether searching for targets during military operations or observing wild animals during field adventures, 3x magnification provides users with a wider field of view and more detailed observation.

Larger screen:

The upgraded version of PVS18 is equipped with a larger screen, allowing users to observe and analyze the observed images more comfortably. A larger screen not only provides a wider field of view, but also provides brighter, clearer images in dark environments. This not only improves the accuracy of observations, but also makes it easier for users to spot potential threats or targets.


The PVS18 upgraded version not only provides 3x magnification and a larger screen, but also incorporates multiple functions, making it a versatile observation tool. For example, it may include a video recording function that allows users to record observations for subsequent analysis and evidence retention. In addition, some night vision devices may also have wireless connectivity capabilities, allowing users to transmit the observed images to other devices in real time and share information with team members.

Portability and durability:

The upgraded version of PVS18 focuses on portability and durability, making it convenient for users to use in various environments. It is usually made of lightweight yet strong materials that are waterproof, shockproof and weatherproof to withstand a variety of extreme conditions. In addition, some night vision devices may be equipped with long-lasting batteries to ensure users' long-term observation needs.

The 3x magnification and larger screen of the upgraded version of the night vision device PVS18 bring users a more excellent observation experience. Whether in military operations, field expeditions or security patrols, it can provide clearer and more detailed observation pictures to help users better achieve their goals. As night vision technology continues to advance, we will continue to see the introduction of more powerful and high-performance night vision devices.

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