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The recommendation of multifunctional night vision at the Haikewargame

Night vision devices allow you to see objects in the nighttime. A different technology is used in these devices which allows you to target your aim in very low light also. With good-quality night vision devices, you can see Upto 500 meters away target in the night very easily. Night vision cameras allow you to take photos or videos in pitch black. Night vision devices amplify the very low light that is coming and make the image clear. For amplifying image intensifier tubes are used in these devices. If you are also a night hunter and enjoy photography in the moonlight this device is perfect for you. You can use it on your helmets or rifles also.

The technology used in Night vision devices

Two types of technologies are used in these devices

Traditional technology: Traditional night vision devices use infrared rays that are reflected from the target and the amplifier amplifies these light rays and make the green image of the object. This technology uses a series of lenses and a tube to amplify the light. And in the conversion of photons, the original color vanishes, and the observer only sees green color because it is the easiest color to see in the dark. But in modern digital night vision devices, we can see colorful images.

New technology: In digital night vision devices a new technology is used in this technology all available light is collected on the digital image sensor which digitally amplifies the light and enhances the image in the full-color display. Metal oxide semiconductor sensors are used to collect light. This collected light from objects electronically enhanced and after magnification sent to LCD. With each new generation of metal sensors, the quality of images is also improving and the price of night vision is lowering.

TNVC-M250 HD 1-8X night vision at Haikewargame

This is a digital day and night-vision device from the Haikewargame. It is designed to work professionally both day and night. Very lightweight material is used in its manufacturing that is easy to carry water resistant and noncorrosive which makes it more durable. Its small size makes it to use it with one hand only.

Its high computing system gives more enhancement and accuracy to pictures. With this digital night vision device, one can see up to 400 meters away target very clearly in full darkness. Super useful linkage is used in it that allows it to support double eye mode, single eye mode, or left or right eye mode. It can be used to mount on your helmet or you can mount it on your rifle while going hunting at the night. Joy-stick control allows you to control all adjustments at night without searching for adjustment knobs in dark.

You can also use it for taking photos and video making. Its 8 GB built-in memory allows saving your data in it. It has a video mode, photo mode, one-click calibration mode, and playback mode in it. You can buy this multifunctional night vision online at haikewargame.com.

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