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PVS-14 vs. PVS-18: Choosing the night vision device that’s right for you

Night vision devices play a key role in military, law enforcement, security and outdoor adventure fields. When it comes to choosing the right night vision goggles, the PVS-14 and PVS-18 are two options that get a lot of attention. They are both among the most popular models on the market, with a range of similar and unique features. This article will compare the PVS-14 and PVS-18 to help you choose the best night vision device for your needs.

Field of View Angle:

There are some differences between the PVS-14 and PVS-18 in terms of field of view angle. The PVS-14 typically has a 40-degree field of view and is suitable for a wide range of observation needs. PVS-18 provides a larger field of view angle, usually 51 degrees, which provides a wider field of view and is especially suitable for tasks that require a larger field of view.

Size and weight:

The PVS-14 and PVS-18 also differ in size and weight. PVS-14 is relatively lightweight and portable, suitable for situations that require frequent movement and long-term wear. The PVS-18 is relatively large and suitable for fixed installation on helmets or other equipment. It is more suitable for scenes that require more stability and durability.

Night Vision:

The PVS-14 and PVS-18 excel in night vision. They all use advanced photoelectric enhancement technology to convert weak ambient light into clear black and white images. They provide excellent night vision whether in low light conditions or complete darkness.


There is also a difference in price between the PVS-14 and PVS-18. Generally speaking, the price of PVS-14 is relatively low and is more suitable for users with a more limited budget. The price of PVS-18 is usually higher and is suitable for users who have higher requirements for high performance and more functions.

Extra Features:

Both the PVS-14 and PVS-18 come with some extra features to choose from. For example, some models may be equipped with features such as automatic brightness control, infrared lighting, image recording, and video output. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose the extra features that suit you.


Both the PVS-14 and PVS-18 are excellent night vision models with different features and advantages. Choosing the right model depends on your needs and budget. If you need a lighter, more affordable option, and don't have high field of view requirements, the PVS-14 may be a better choice. If you need a wider field of view and more stable support, and are more flexible with price requirements, the PVS-18 may be more suitable for you. Before purchasing, be sure to research carefully and consult with a professional to choose the night vision goggles that are best for you. No matter which model you choose, the PVS series of night vision scopes will provide superior performance and reliability for your observation missions.

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