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How to mount a flashlight on a helmet

How to mount a flashlight on a helmet

During outdoor activities, especially at night or in low-light conditions, a helmet-mounted flashlight can greatly improve your safety and convenience. Whether biking, hiking, camping, or other outdoor sports, a reliable helmet flashlight can provide you with an extra source of light and allow you to better see your surroundings. Below we share some simple steps on how to mount a flashlight on your helmet.

Step 1: Choose the right helmet

First, you need to choose a helmet that is suitable for mounting a flashlight. Flashlights can be easily attached to most cycling helmets, as they usually have some raised spots suitable for attaching attachments. Make sure your helmet has enough space to mount the flashlight and that it stays secure.

Step 2: Prepare tools and materials

Next, you'll need some tools and materials, including a helmet, a flashlight, bungee cords or clips, tape, and other securing accessories you may need. Make sure your flashlight fits on your helmet and has the right mounting hardware.

Step 3: Install the flashlight

There are usually a few ways to mount a flashlight on a helmet. One method is to use a bungee cord or mounting clip to secure the flashlight to your helmet. You can thread the elastic cord through the flashlight's retaining loop or clip and secure it to the raised spot on your helmet. Another method is to use tape or other securing material to secure the flashlight to the helmet. Whichever method you choose, make sure the flashlight is securely mounted and won't come loose or fall off during movement.

Step Four: Tune and Test

Once installed, make sure the flashlight's light direction suits your needs and does not affect your vision or the normal use of your helmet. Before use, test whether the flashlight can be turned on and off normally and whether it can provide sufficient light. If necessary, adjust the position or mounting of the flashlight.


By mounting a flashlight on your helmet, you can get an extra light source during outdoor activities, improving safety and convenience at night or in dim environments. Choosing the right helmet, having the tools and materials ready, and following the correct steps to install and adjust your flashlight will ensure you have a reliable helmet flashlight for your outdoor activities. Hope this blog is helpful!

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