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HAIKEWARGAME Daily Red Packet Grab Event

Dear friends, I am happy to tell you that haikewargame official is preparing to hold a "Happy Red Packet Grabbing" activity. From 【2023/04/28--2023/5/15】, you can log in to the group every day to get a link to grab a red packet, the amount is random. Each account can grab a red packet once a day. Data will be updated every day at 12:00 a.m [Hong Kong time].

We offers three types of red packet:

  1. Lucky random red packets

When you open the page, you can see that there are unclaimed red envelopes. When you are logged in, you can click the "Open Red Packet" button to get a random red envelope. The red Packet will be registered to your account.

  1. Recommend friend to join the group to reward red packets

Once you recommend friends to join our facebook group, and there are more than 5 people, you can ask our customer service staff to obtain a verification password. Using the verification password, you can open a red packet for recommending. The red packet will be registered to your account.

  1. Buy goods to get red packets.

If you have purchased goods on our website, you can enter the order number and log in with the email address you left on haikewargame to get an order reward red packet. Red packets will be registered to your account.


Red packets can be withdrawn and redeemed for coupons. When your red packets exceed $30, you can apply for cash out. For the time being, we only pay PAYPAL to send red packets, and we won’t pay for handling fees. If the amount of the red packet is more than $5, you can apply to redeem coupons, and you can use the coupons to deduct the corresponding amount for product purchases on our website.

Here we will share some product related information
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