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Different Types of Rifle Scopes in 2023

Today’s market is filled with riflescopes, but how do you know which one to choose? There are many factors to consider when selecting a riflescope. The first thing you should do is decide what purpose the scope will serve. For example, if you're new to shooting and want to learn more about it before investing in expensive equipment, then a less expensive scope would be a good choice for you. You need it for hunting at night or for long-range. Selection depends on the type to need because different types of riflescopes are available for different purposes.

Riflescope components and working

A riflescope contains a series of lenses that helps to aim the target accurately with a rifle. It has an objective lens and an ocular. In between them, an erector tube is present which contains reticle assembly and magnification lens. The magnification increases when the magnification lens moves toward the objective lens and decreases when it moves toward the ocular lens.

The objective lens collects the light rays and magnifies the image. The reticles change their size when magnification increases they do not magnify so the image remains at the same place on the reticle. The erector tube also has firearms that are used to attach the scope to the rifle.

How to choose a riflescope?

There are different types of rifle scopes before choosing one for you, you should read about the features of all riflescopes so that you can choose one that fits your needs.

Fixed scope

This scope has fixed magnification the user cannot change its magnification. It has zoom-in and zoom-out features in it.

Variable scope

This scope has variable magnification. It has a range of magnifications e.g. 3X - 6X means you can change its magnification from 3X to 6X. it also has zoom-in and zoom-out features.

Tactical scope

Most scopes fall in this category. This is specially designed for shooting purposes. It has a low magnification of up to 4X. This scope can be used for low to medium-target shooting.

Night vision scope

This scope is specially designed for night hunting. It has light enhancement technology in it. It captures the low light from the target and enhances these rays and makes a clear image of the object.

Hunting scope

These scopes are specially designed to bear harsh weather. To increase durability their magnification is kept lower. Non-corrosive material is used in its manufacturing.

Long-range scope

These riflescopes aim the target which is at a far distance. It can aim the object as far as 1000 yards. All the scopes that have magnification greater than 10X fall in the category of long-range scopes. Their high magnification makes far targets as they are near to the shooter.

Red dot scope

These scopes are the most popular ones because they have a red spot in the middle that is actually at the point where the bullet will strike. It makes shooting easy for beginners.

Here are mentioned different types of riflescopes. You can visit haikewargame.com to order your scope according to your needs. We have all types of scopes here with different features and uses.

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