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Classification of Night Vision Goggles: Choosing the Right Device to Broaden Your Field of View

Night vision goggles are an exciting piece of equipment that helps us see farther and more clearly in dark environments. However, there are many different types of night vision goggles on the market, each with its own unique capabilities and features. In this blog, we will introduce several common classifications of night vision goggles to help you choose the equipment that suits your needs and broaden your field of vision.

Classified according to working principle:

Photoelectric Amplified Night Vision:

This type of night vision provides a brighter, clearer view by capturing and amplifying faint light. They use optoelectronic devices to convert light into electrical signals, which are then passed through amplifiers to enhance the image. This is the most common and widely used type of night vision goggles.

Infrared night vision:

Unlike photoelectric amplification night vision, infrared night vision does not depend on external light sources. They use infrared radiation to illuminate targets and capture images. This allows the infrared night vision device to provide a good field of vision even in complete darkness.

Thermal imaging cameras:

Thermal imaging cameras use the infrared heat energy emitted by the target object itself to form an image. They are able to detect and display the heat distribution of a target, making them useful for detecting hidden objects or observing animals moving in the dark.

Classified according to usage:

Handheld Night Vision Goggle:

This night vision goggle is small and portable, perfect for walking or for short distances. They typically have low magnification, but high flexibility, making them ideal for outdoor adventures, bird watching and nighttime viewing.

Rifle Scope Night Vision:

This night vision is specially designed to be mounted on a rifle, providing better accuracy and hit rate in night hunting or shooting activities. They usually have high magnification and solid image stabilization.

Head-mounted night vision goggles:

This night vision goggle allows you to use your hands freely with a device worn on your head. They are suitable for activities that require long-term continuous use of night vision, such as night patrols, night observation and security tasks.

Classified by price and performance:

Consumer grade night vision goggles:

These night vision goggles are relatively inexpensive and suitable for general outdoor enthusiasts and beginners. They offer basic night vision, but may be limited in image quality, magnification, and water resistance.

Professional-grade night vision goggles:

These night vision goggles are generally more expensive, but offer higher image quality, magnification, and durability. They are the first choice of professionals, hunting enthusiasts and military personnel.



There are various classifications of night vision devices, each with its own unique functions and applicable scenarios. Choosing the right night vision goggle for your needs is key to ensuring you have a clear view in dark environments. Understanding the different types of night vision goggles and making an informed choice based on your usage needs and budget will provide better experience and results for your outdoor adventures, hunting activities or security missions.

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