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Choosing the best location to enhance the hunting experience

Night vision goggles are one of the key equipment for hunting in dark environments. However, for the hunter, the choice of where to mount the night vision device is an important and individual decision. Two common locations are on the helmet and on the gun. In this blog, we'll explore the differences between helmet and gun night vision mounts, and help you choose the best mounting location to enhance your hunting experience.

Advantages of Helmet Mounted Night Vision:

Helmet mounted night vision offers many advantages. First, the night vision goggles on the helmet can provide a wider field of vision, allowing the hunter to better monitor the surrounding environment. In addition, night vision goggles on helmets are usually more stable and not interfered by the recoil of guns. During the march, the night vision goggles on the helmet allow the hunter to maintain free head movement and can quickly switch targets. In addition, the night vision device can also be used in conjunction with other helmet accessories (such as lighting equipment) to provide more comprehensive functions.

Advantages of night vision goggles mounted on guns:

Night vision goggles mounted on guns also have their own unique advantages. First, the night vision goggles on the gun can provide more direct and accurate targeting. Hunters can point directly at the target through the night vision goggles on the gun, reducing the need for hand-eye coordination. Additionally, night vision on a gun is often easier to operate and control because it is tightly integrated with the firearm, making aiming and firing more coherent and fluid. The mount on the gun is more ideal for situations where quick reflexes and precise shooting are required.


When choosing an installation location, it is critical to consider personal preferences and usage needs. If you pay more attention to global observation and mobility, the mounting position on the helmet may be more suitable for you. If accurate aiming and direct target operation are more important to you, the mount on the gun may be more suitable for you. In addition, the optimal location can also be selected according to different hunting environments and target types.


The installation position of the night vision device is a choice of individuality and actual needs. The helmet-mounted position provides wider field of view and flexibility, while the gun-mounted position provides more direct and accurate aiming. When choosing, consider personal preference, hunting needs, and environmental factors, and ensure that the mounting location provides the best hunting experience and target hit rate. No matter which mounting method you choose, the right night vision goggles will bring you a more exciting and successful night hunting experience.

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