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Holy Warrior HWOCAG HD 1-6x 24 Airsoft Scope Deluxe Set with Rifle Scopes Covers & Anti-reflective Cover & Quick Release Mounts

Tactical 1-6x24mm Riflescope with 30mm Scope Mount and Lens Cap Cover for Outdoor Sport Hunting Accessories, Rifle scope includes telescopic sight, collimating optical sight, and reflex sight
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Excellent performance. 1-6x24mm fast focus lens, Sealing gas used Nitrogen, elevation adjustment, windage adjustment.
UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: This scope combo allows you to mount it on rail equipment with a width of 21.2mm to meet your specific needs and fit most equipment.
Corrosion Resistant: This tactical rifle uses a high-strength anodized coating for good rust resistance.
Wide range of applications: It can be a perfect decoration for hunting, fishing and other various outdoor activities.

This product is a combination set, including tactical 1-6x24mm rifle scope + 30mm scope bracket + lens cover. You don't have to mix it yourself, saving time and worry. Aluminum alloy shell, anodized coating, sturdy and durable. 1-6x24mm lens, fast focusing, height adjustment and windage adjustment make the scope more accurate and have excellent performance. This combo package is designed to provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability for your shooting experience. Whether it is hunting, shooting competition or wilderness adventure, it can meet your needs in different scenarios. By matching it with a suitable bracket, the lens is ensured to be installed stably and is less susceptible to external interference, giving you a clearer and more stable aiming experience. The design of the lens cover can effectively protect the lens from dust and dirt and extend its service life. Overall, this product is not only functional but also well designed, making it an ideal addition to your shooting gear.The Holy Warrior HWOCAG HD 1-6x24 vortex rifle scopes are not just any ordinary optic – they are a rugged and reliable companion for any tactical situation. These rifle scopes are designed to be versatile, serving as both your trusty tactical rifle scope and a powerful magnified option when you need to zoom in on your target.
These rifle scopes apart have adjustment ring, allowing for lightning-fast changes in power with just a simple twist. Whether you need to zoom in for a precise shot or lock in at a specific distance, these scopes have got you covered. And for those close distance targets, you have the option to switch to the RMR style red dot sight (Need to buy separately) for quick and accurate aiming.
With the Holy Warrior HWOCAG HD 1-6x24 vortex rifle scopes in your arsenal, you can trust in their durability and performance to help you conquer any mission with precision and ease. Whether you're out in the field or at the range, these scopes will be your reliable companion for all your shooting needs.Holy Warrior HWOCAG HD 1-6x 24 rifle Scope set is a complete package that includes premium metal 25.4/30mm Double Ring rifle scope quick release mounts. These mounts are not only compatible with Picatinny rails and weaver rails, but they are also extremely easy to install on various firearms such as rifles, airguns, and more. The set goes beyond just the scope and mounts, as it also includes a pair of durable and protective rifle scope covers designed to safeguard the objective lens from dust, scratches, and impact.
One standout feature of this set is the CR2032 Battery Slot located conveniently on the side of the scope. This design allows for quick and hassle-free battery installation, ensuring that the scope remains powered up and ready for action at all times. With this user-friendly feature, you can focus on your target without worrying about battery changes disrupting your shooting experience.
Overall, the Holy Warrior HWOCAG HD 1-6x 24 rifle Scope set not only delivers exceptional precision and clarity in optics but also offers a seamless and convenient user experience. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a novice exploring the world of firearms, this best rifle scopes set is sure to enhance your shooting performance and overall enjoyment.The Holy Warrior HWOCAG HD 1-6x 24 rifle Scope set equipped with an anti-reflection cover to ensure stealth and accuracy in any situation. The elevation and windage adjustment capabilities are impressive, offering a range of 100MOA at 100 yards with each click representing 1/2MOA. This means precision and accuracy are key features of this scope, perfect for long-range shooting. Additionally, the magnification adjustment ring allows for a versatile range of 1-6 times, making it adaptable for various shooting scenarios. Whether you're in the field or at the range, this rifle scope is sure to enhance your shooting experience with its quality construction and precise adjustments.It is the best rifle scopes brands.By adjusting the magnification, the Holy Warrior HWOCAG HD 1-6x 24 rifle scopes offer versatility for shooters aiming at both close-range and long-range targets. Picture this: you spot a distant target and swiftly zoom in to get a clear view with crystal-clear precision. But what happens when your target suddenly moves closer? Don't worry, with the option to seamlessly transition to a closer range, you can effortlessly switch between long-distance precision and close-range accuracy. For those moments when time is of the essence, consider enhancing your shooting experience even further by adding an adaptive RMR style red dot sight. This additional accessory, although purchased separately, allows for lightning-fast and pin-point accurate aiming at close proximity. So whether you're focusing on distant objectives or reacting to nearby threats, the Holy Warrior HWOCAG HD 1-6x 24 rifle scopes have got you covered.

Magnification Low


Magnification High


Objective diameter


Maintube diameter


Eyepiece Field of view


Diopter range +/-


Exit Pupil Distance (mm)


Total travel elevation (@ 100 yds) (MOA)


Total travel windage (@ 100 yds) (MOA)


Parallax Compensation


Fast focus eyepiece


Sealing gas used


Clear aperture min magnification (mm)


Clear aperture max magnification (mm)


Eff. exit pupil diameter @  min. magnification ± 3 %


Eff. exit pupil diameter @  max. magnification ± 3 %


Maximum resolution in Arc. Second (min. Magnification)


Maximum resolution in Arc. Second (max. Magnification)


Range of Function temperature (Unit can still be operated)


Storage temperature

-40C to +85C

Range of Dioptric compensation +/- dpt


Permissible backlash Dioptric Compensation


objective field of view @ min magnification (ft @100yds)


objective field of view @ max magnification (ft@100yds)


Change of impact point after change of magnification (MOA)


Parallax of Reticle  (minute)


Centering Reticle, full Field of View

± 7 %

Straightening  of the Reticle

± 2 °



Changing Line of Sight by switching Magnification from min. to max.

< 1.5 '

MOA per revolution tolerance




curvature of field of view

<1 dpt

distortion @ min / max magnification


straylight / Glare

< 2 %

Optical length at infinity and zero diopter (mm)


Main tube diameter (mounting area (i)


Rifle scope includes telescopic sight, collimating optical sight, and reflex sight.The telescopic sight and the reflex sight are the most popular, and used at day, also name day scope/day sight. In additional, if we add night vision on the day scope, it's called scope/night sight.
A telescopic sight, is asighting device that is based on an optical refracting telescope. They are equipped with some form of graphic image pattern (a reticle) mounted in an optically appropriate position in their optical system to give an accurate aiming point. Telescopic sights are used with all types of systems that require accurate aiming but are most commonly found on fire arms, particularly rifles. Other types of sights are iron sights, reflector (reflex) sights, and laser sights.

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1-6x 24 Rifle Scope(CL1-0408)
1-6x 24 Rifle Scope(CL1-0408)+RMR Red Dot(CL2-0048C TAN)
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