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CVLIFE WOIFCOVERT 3 MOA Red Dot Sight 22×28MM Motion Awake Reflex Sight with 21mm Picatinny Base

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Excellent performance: This red dot sight has a 3MOA red dot, 1MOA click value, ±45MOA elevation/windage adjustment range. 22×28MM large window. Anti-reflective multi-layer coated lens. These parameters indicate that these red dot sights can hit the target more accurately, with clearer images and a wider field of view.
Simple button operation: The power on/off and brightness adjustment of the scope are completed by two buttons on both sides. Press "+" for 3 seconds to turn on, and press "-" for 3 seconds to turn off. This scope has 1NV+9 brightness gears, "+" increases brightness, and "-" decreases brightness.
Motion Awake technology: When the reflex sight is completely still, it will automatically sleep after 4 minutes, and will automatically wake up when it is picked up for use, it will automatically shut down after 4 hours when not in use. This not only saves more power, but also gives the shooter more time to focus on the target without worrying about the power on/off problem.
Easy to zero: This red dot sight use the top installation method to replace the battery ("-" downward), so there is no need to remove the scope from the device when installing and replacing the red dot sight battery. In this way, you only need to adjust the scope to the zero state when installing the scope on the device for the first time, and there is no need to adjust it repeatedly.

The MOA value of CVLIFE WOIFCOVERT Red Dot Sight is 3MOA, the window is 22×28MM, and the lens is anti-reflective multi-layer coating. These properties can ensure that this red dot sight has high shooting accuracy and a clear and wide field of view. This reflex sight is operated by buttons, the power on and off and brightness adjustment are completed by 2 buttons. The operation is very simple, these red dot sights have 1NV+9 brightness gears, can be adapted to different environments. The sight also uses Motion Awake technology. When it is not used for 4 minutes, it will autosleep, and it will automatic awake when it is picked up for use, turns off automatically when not in use for 4 hours. The CR1632 battery can be used for about 50,000 hours at medium brightness. Aluminum alloy shell, anodized appearance, waterproof, shockproof and wear-resistant. Equipped with 21MM Picatinny base.CVLIFE's WOIFCOVERT 3 MOA red dot sight, with a size of 20×28mm, uses dynamic wake-up technology and has a 21mm Picatinny base. This sight not only performs well in dimly lit environments, but also has excellent shooting accuracy and stability. Whether it is field shooting, hunting or sports shooting, this sight can bring you the ultimate experience. Its precise 3 MOA red dot and sensitive motion wake-up function can respond quickly when you aim at the target, ensuring that your shooting is accurate. The Picatinny rail design on the base makes it easier for you to install and adjust the sight, bringing a better shooting experience. In short, this red dot sight from CVLIFE is an indispensable weapon in your shooting equipment, allowing you to shoot more accurately and train more efficiently.CVLIFE WolfCovert M04 red dot sight is equipped with a spacious 22×28mm large window, providing an expansive field of view for the shooter. This generous window allows for quick target acquisition and tracking, ensuring precise aiming even in fast-paced shooting scenarios, making it easier to spot and engage targets with speed and accuracy. Additionally, the wide window design offers improved peripheral vision, enabling shooters to maintain situational awareness while focusing on the target. With its superior visibility and user-friendly design, the CVLIFE WolfCovert M04 red dot sight is a reliable companion for shooters seeking both performance and versatility on the field.Motion Awake technology: When the scope remains stationary, it will enter sleep mode autonomously within 4 minutes, conserving power until it is needed again. Once in hand, the scope swiftly awakens from its slumber, ready for immediate use. Moreover, in order to prevent unnecessary power consumption, it will automatically power down after 4 hours of inactivity, maintaining efficiency and prolonging its lifespan. This intelligent feature not only enhances user experience, but also ensures that the scope is always prepared and operational whenever required.The CVLIFE WOIFCOVERT Red Dot Sight is equipped with 1NV+9 brightness levels, allowing users to easily adjust the brightness according to their needs. By simply pressing the "+" button, the brightness increases, providing a clear and sharp aiming point in various lighting conditions. Conversely, pressing the "-" button decreases the brightness, ensuring optimal performance in low-light environments. This reflex sight is not only user-friendly but also delivers exceptional precision and accuracy, making it a reliable choice for shooters of all levels.The CVLIFE WOIFCOVERT Red Dot Sight is easy to zeroing. With its top installation method for battery replacement, there is no need to detach the rifle scope from the device when changing the battery, as you simply need to insert the battery with the "-" side facing downward. This innovative design saves time and effort, ensuring that you can quickly get back to aiming at your target without the hassle of recalibrating the sight repeatedly.
When mounting the rifle scopes onto your device for the first time, a one-time adjustment to zero state is all that is required. This means that you won't have to worry about constantly readjusting the sight each time you use it. The convenience and practicality of the CVLIFE WOIFCOVERT Red Dot Sight make it an ideal choice for hunters, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a reliable and user-friendly reflex sight.Durable and robust, the compact red dot sight boasts shockproof capabilities that can withstand forces of up to 1500G, ensuring stability for your products. Whether faced with rugged terrain or intense recoil, this mini red dot sight stands firm, providing a reliable and steady platform for your shooting needs. Its ability to absorb and disperse impact forces effectively makes it an essential tool for any demanding shooting environment. With this mini red dot sight by your side, you can take on any challenge with confidence, knowing that your equipment is built to last and perform at its best.CVLIFE WOIFCOVERT Red Dot Sight boasts the IPX7 waterproof rating, ensuring reliable performance even in the most challenging weather conditions. This means that you can confidently take your reflex sight out in the rain or snow without worrying about water damage. Whether you are out hunting in a downpour or participating in a tactical mission in wet environments, this feature offers peace of mind and uncompromised functionality. So, no matter the elements you may face, you can trust that your CVLIFE WOIFCOVERT Red Dot Sight will continue to deliver precision and accuracy when you need it most.The CVLIFE WOIFCOVERT Red Dot Sight is not only compatible with a wide range of devices but also offers exceptional versatility for different mounting options. Whether you're looking to enhance your pistol with RMR cut compatibility, attach it to a device with a Picatinny rail using the included rail base, or even install it on a Glock MOS adapter (please note that the MOS adapter plate is not included), this red dot sight has you covered. With its reflex sight functionality, you can expect quick target acquisition and accurate shots in various shooting scenarios. Experience precision and efficiency with the CVLIFE WOIFCOVERT Red Dot Sight, making it an essential accessory for any shooting enthusiast.

The CVLIFE WOIFCOVERT RMR red dot reflex sight is equipped with precise Windage/Elevation adjustment settings, with a +45MOA range and 1 MOA per click. This feature allows for minute adjustments to counteract any changes in wind or elevation, ultimately enhancing your shooting accuracy to a whole new level. Imagine being able to effortlessly compensate for windy conditions or varying terrain with just a quick click of the adjustment dial, ensuring that your shots land exactly where you want them to. With this reflex sight, you'll experience improved precision and consistency in every shot you take, making it an essential tool for any shooter looking to up their game.

The CVLIFE WOIFCOVERT RMR red dot reflex sight is equipped with an anti-reflective multi-coated lens, ensuring that you always have a clear and vivid view of your target. This advanced lens technology not only minimizes glare and reflection but also enhances the brightness and sharpness of the images you see through the sight. With such high-quality optics, you can easily and accurately capture your target, whether it's during the bright light of day or the low light of dusk. This reflex sight provides a crystal-clear view that allows you to focus on your target with precision and confidence, making it a reliable and essential tool for any shooting enthusiast or professional.

Reticle Dot
Reticle Color Red
Objective Lens Dimensions 20 x 28 mm
Lens Material Multi-Coated Glass
Manual Control Yes
Magnification 1X
Eye Relief Unlimited
Adjustment Range ±45 MOA
Click Value 1MOA
Battery CR1632 Lithium cell 3V
Battery Life 50000H
IllumInation Seting 1NV+9 brightness gears
Automatic shut-down 4 minutes later
Housing Material Aluminum Housing
Housing Surface Anodized
Housing  Color Matt Black
Waterproof IPX7
Shockproof 1500G
Adapter Plate Adapter for MOS & Picatinny
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